Vision and Mission

The goal of Arterra Bizimodu is:

To collaborate in the wider process of creating full, supportive societies capable of generating community and social wellbeing. We achieve this through experience and the search for sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by society today, particularly in the rural area.

To care for ecological sustainability, learning to live in harmony with the planet. We care for the earth and her resources for us in the present as well as future generations, basing our work on Permacultural principles.

To share, participating in the global transformation of current economic norms into an economy of the common good. We pay particular attention to the dynamics of reduction, generation, production and sharing, taking care to meet our needs as individuals and community in a flow of giving and receiving.

To participate in the Transition of our culture towards a world that develops societies that are capable of securing the values of equity, self-realisation, peace, sustainability, and creativity for current and future generations.

The Association is made up of its founding members; the inclusion of new members requires an invitation by any of the founders, acceptance by the Coordination Group, and ratification by the Assembly.

To achieve these goals, the association carries out the following activities:

  1. Promote the creation and growth of of humanly, ecologically and economically sustainable communities
  2. Favour the exchange of information and resources between a range of urban and rural projects
  3. Explore and share ways of co-housing as an alternative to current ways of living
  4. Organize a range of national and international events and meetings to share our experiences in this area
  5. Undertake any activity that the association considers to be within its scope.