Entrepreneurial Projects

In Arterra we have various kinds of projects, services and entrepreneurial activities. Here’s a short description of some of them:

  • Artebirra: our project producing home-made beer
  • Avicompostador: a project financed by the municipality – we produce organic eggs from our chickens in exchange for taking in the local organic waste.
  • Biogas: a biodigestor prototype installed in Arterra
  • Meeting Centre: a project managing the spaces and rooms for meetings and visits
  • Contenedor de Ruido: an eco-built recording studio
  • Huerta Arterrana: a vegetable garden supported by and for the community
  • Iratxoa eta Ilargia (Christian Gomez Illustration): Traditional illustration, graphic design and visual arts classes.
  • Kimuak: our free school
  • Maiterra: organic and natural cleaning products and creams
  • GEN-Europe Offices: the central workspace of the European Ecovillage Network
  • Taberna Galáctica: our spot to meet and spend the evenings beer-tasting and showing films!
  • Un paso adelante: An introduction to horses and horse-riding
  • Ogi Bidea: A self-built cob oven to make our own bread and cakes
  • Margaritas de ganchillo: handmade floral creations in thread.