Did you know that in 2015, NASA spent $3,000,000 on solar panels for the Kelper space probe?

Here in Arterra, we’ve done the maths and it turns out we need just 0.83% of this amount to install our own solar panels – and stay on planet earth. So we’re happy to share that we’re launching our first crowdfunding campaign. Want to help us?

We know that the energy we use says a lot about our values, and we want to show our commitment to the environment while we follow our path towards energy self-sufficiency. Our aim is to raise 25,000 euros to install solar panels and improve the energy efficiency of our building.

With your help, we can continue our work creating a Place of Transition, where all can learn and teach the tools we need to build the better world we know is possible. We’ve prepared lots of surprises and rewards to thank you for your collaboration… Can you help? Check out our Coopfunding page and get involved now!

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