European Solidarity Corps opportunity: Volunteer in ecovillage Arterra Bizimodu in 2024

This eight-month long-term ESC project was designed for 6 enthusiastic young people age 18-30  who are interested in ecovillages and sustainable living, and who want to gain experience and  participate in regenerative farming activities, renewable energies and building maintenance, as  well as in community-building, self-development and work in intercultural teams. During the eight  months you will get to know the life of a Spanish ecovillage and the European network of  ecovillages. 

What is ESC?

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. It provides an opportunity to join meaningful work and experiential learning while your food, accommodation, traveling, pocket money, insurance and mentorship are fully covered. A person can only do one short term (less than 59 days) and one long-term ESC. European Solidarity Corps projects will be available to people up to the age of 30 years old. 


The ESC project will take place in 2024 and has a flexible starting date between 01/03/2024-1/04/2024. Each volunteer will participate for 8 months in the program. 


Arterra Bizimodu 

The living conditions will be simple with the focus on a low ecological footprint. You may expect shared housing and common facilities, natural rural environment and diverse  social activities together with the group. 


We offer different activities in this project:  

1. Agroecology and Resilience

2. Maintenance

3. Communications & Events organisation

4. Supporting visually impaired

From these activities we expect the participants to gain the following overall competences: 

  • Knowledge and insight on topics around practical strategies for attaining sustainable community  lifestyles in ecological, economic, social and cultural dimensions; 
  • Language skills, with an opportunity to actively practice English and Spanish; 
  • Knowledge about, and competency in using facilitation methods/tools for group processes;  
  • Competency in multi-cultural cooperation and communication; 
  • Competency and experience in  collaborative decision-making. 

Most of the volunteers will be working daily in our vegetable garden which provides the community and beyond with fresh veggies. If getting your hands dirty, getting up early and producing your own food is a challenge you are ready for, this is your opportunity! Others will be working with the maintenance and renewable energy group that takes care of our buildings. In the communications and events organisation you will be supporting the community in organising the annual RIE gathering, coordinating the arrival of a group of volunteers over the summer period. All volunteers will also take part in daily community works such as cooking and cleaning, and work with the rest of the community in the different operational circles. 


This project is open to European youth (including Spanish)! 


If you are interested in this ESC project apply here before 06/01/2024!

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